Chromis has created a unique e-commerce platform STORE.CHROMISTHERA.COM

Chromis Therapeutics, Inc. (Chromis) is a San Diego-based biopharmaceutical company, focused on the development of curative treatments for chronic HBV (Hepatitis B virus)infection, based on its advanced proprietary drug design and discovery platform. The company is developing its novel cccDNA (covalently closed circular DNA), viral entry and viral capsid assembly inhibitor lead candidates for the treatment of chronic HBV. Novel proprietary small molecule combinations have the potential to eradicate HBV and to efficiently cure chronically infected HBV patients, as compared to drugs currently on the market.

Chromis has created a unique e-commerce  platform STORE.CHROMISTHERA.COM

Our customers can search and purchase online ~2M stock lead-like, drug-like small molecules and building blocks of their interest.

The user-friendly site allows customers to search for compounds by utilizing any of the methods: drawing a structure or a part of a structure, entering sample ID number, using SMILES, uploading SD-file or Mol-file, lists, and other options. Users can immediately retrieve entire sub-libraries of compounds synthesized around any given template. The embedded filtering tools let researchers perform quick and efficient refinement of such libraries and cherry-picking of individual compounds from those for the immediate purchase.

Online platform includes specially designed libraries of potentially active antiviral small molecules and get access to a variety of pre-plated annotated libraries and bioactive compounds. Customization options are available for pre-designed targeted and focused libraries.

The platform combines Libraries of more than 150,000 unique Potential Antiviral Molecules that target various cellular proteins. Libraries cover highly-concerned coronavirus area as well as HIV, HBV, Influenza. More than 50 antiviral targets (Antiviral Annotated Library 22,775 compounds, CORONAVIRUS Library 21,145 compounds, PLpro Library 6,442 compounds, 3CLpro Library 4,871 compounds, ACE2 Library 3,117 compounds, Antiviral Library 87,043 compounds and others).

Please search and purchase online.  Contact us for more details.